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The German Café

The German Cafe in downtown Wilmignton, where you can celebrate all things German all year-round. Located on the ground level at the back end of The Cotton Exchange, this labyrinthine little place exudes old Germany and Bavaria, with food and beverage offerings that will transport you — at least mentally — to Deutschland.

Take a Bite of the Vibe at Burrito Shak

If you don’t like what’s served up for you and your family out there in the hospitality industry, then start your own business. It’s what David Longo did, and now the founder of Burrito Shak now has seven area locations.

From Sea to Seaview’s Kitchen

It’s been the vision over the last decade for the Seaview Crab Company owners trifecta – brothers Joe and Sam Romano and Nathan King – to not only harvest from our fertile coastal waters and serve the Wilmington area with the freshest catches of seafood, but to also conserve the ocean and beaches in the community where they’ve thrived from the beginning.

Market Street Discovery

Regarding the beer at JohnnyLukes, there are 18 to 20 beers on tap at any given time, and they are rotated regularly by Bar Manager Zack Kerr. Wilmington Brewing’s Tropical Lightning, the ubiquitous local favorite, is on the list, along Edward Teach offerings.

Seasonal Seafood at Seaview Crab Co.

Starting with flavorful, fresh fish is key when cooking seafood. And that’s why it’s important to buy fish that’s in season. You can be assured that your local fishmongers at Seaview Crab Company have what’s in season. If you’re not sure what you want, or if you’re new to purchasing or cooking fresh seafood, let them help guide you. Think of a visit to Seaview as a Seafood 101 crash course! And the good news is, no matter the time of year, there is always seafood in season in North Carolina! 

Steam Engines

None of the folks running the chic restaurant in Wilmington’s Embassy Suites hotel is named James Watt (who perfected the steam engine). Their names are Alan Nelson, Nicole Boudrieau and Tyler Powell. But eventually, they could collectively take on the name Hero, the Greek who actually invented the device in the first century.

Keeping It Clean at Seaview Crab Company 

Let’s face it, when people walk into a fish market, their guard is usually up — especially if they’re buying seafood for the first time. The comingling of smells and visuals can kick the senses into high gear. And that’s enough to make a first impression before the customer even interacts with the fishmonger. 

Wilmington’s Original Mexican Restaurant

When Manuel Ibarra and his two brothers first opened the doors of El Cerro Grande in Wilmington in January of 1991, the restaurant drew so many that it ran out of food in less than two hours. Nearly three decades later, the Ibarra family continues to impress the Port City with quality Mexican food and exceptional service. Now with three locations in Wilmington, El Cerro Grande is proud to be known as Wilmington’s original authentic Mexican restaurant. 

Seaview Seafood Market Keeping It Local

Have you ever walked past the seafood counter at your local grocery store and seen signs that say “fresh” shrimp, salmon, tuna or other species — and then read on the packaging that it is a product in Indonesia or someplace so remote that you wonder, how can this be fresh? Well, it’s not. It’s frozen and shipped thousands of miles away. 

Zócalo Street Food and Tequila

The vision of Zócalo Street Food and Tequila came to Emmanuel Ibarra in 2016. After spending many years working in his family’s successful Mexican restaurant, Emmanuel, along with his brother, Salvador, and a childhood friend decided they wanted to do something unique and modern.


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