Keeping It Clean at Seaview Crab Company 

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Let’s face it, when people walk into a fish market, their guard is usually up — especially if they’re buying seafood for the first time. The comingling of smells and visuals can kick the senses into high gear. And that’s enough to make a first impression before the customer even interacts with the fishmonger. 

Cleanliness is a significant part of Seaview Crab Company’s business philosophy, no matter how busy they are.

Seaview’s Carolina Beach Market stays extremely busy this time of year, serving between 200 and 300 customers a day. But customers can expect a well-cleaned and sanitized retail counter no matter what time of the day they stop by. All of Seaview’s employees constantly monitor what their work area looks like and clean it consistently throughout their shifts. From the fish-contact surfaces where your monger has scaled, gutted and gilled your fish to the display counter where your retailer has carefully and beautifully placed fillets, steaks and shellfish, every one of Seaview’s markets follows strict housekeeping guidelines. 

Of course, a seafood market will smell briny, that’s unavoidable. You want your market to smell like the ocean, but it shouldn’t smell fishy. Also, a fresh fish and seafood market shouldn’t smell like ammonia or bleach because that can suggest to the customer that the business is trying to hide something. Cleanliness (or lack thereof) directly impacts the customer’s experience, as well also negatively affects a market’s ambiance.  

Seaview Crab Company prides itself on having some of the cleanest seafood markets in the area. By following proper sanitation control methods, it helps ensure the safety of the seafood products they serve. Customers can expect that all employees practice good personal hygiene, proper cleaning and sanitizing of all food contact areas and utensils, appropriate cleaning and sanitizing of food equipment, and safe food storage and temperatures — even when the markets are bustling with customers.

Selection and freshness are not the only priorities in the seafood business — cleanliness also goes a long way in getting customers through the door. 

After all, a busy market is the one you want to go to because that usually means the selection is superb and the fishmongers know their stuff. Seaview’s mongers are cleaning and filleting all day long to make sure they’re offering products at their utmost freshness. Customers should keep in mind that there are proper handling, storage and cooking guidelines they should follow at home as well, once they bring their seafood home. The fishmongers at Seaview can tell you how to properly and safely handle and store the seafood to keep it at maximum freshness before you prepare it at home. They can also give you tips on preparation methods as well as proper temperatures when cooking and storing.

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