Lifelong learning is pursued by many who live in Southeastern North Carolina. On the Cape Fear coast, educational opportunities are all around us. Whether formal, fun, frantic or fabulous, you’ll find an extensive menu of learning experiences here.

We’ve got swim classes for six-month-old babies and gymnastics for crawlers. We’ve got tot this and toddler that. We’ve got public schools, independent or private schools, charter schools, specialty schools, home schools and more. We have incredible and diverse higher education institutions. We have continuing education programs for everyone who wants them – no age limit. We have free or modestly priced lessons for people who want to try painting, photography, woodworking, gardening and a host of other activities. And we have our historic locale, the rivers, the sea, the wildlife and all the lessons they have to offer us… for free.

Pip & Scout Make a Splash!

Two loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings named Pip and Scout are making a splash at North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher (NCAFF). Pip and Scout are survivors found in nest excavations at Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher. Their names began with ideas from staff, then votes from students throughout North Carolina.


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