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Who’s Who: Brian Ballard of Pour Taproom

After growing up in the Midwest, Brian Ballard, Owner of Pour Taproom in Wilmington, NC, moved around a bit, from Arizona to Florida to New England to Greensboro, North Carolina. When he decided to leave the corporate world to start a business, he wanted to stop moving so much and lay down some roots.

Who’s Who: Brad Moree, Moree Law, PLLC

Brad Moree wanted to go to a college with a business school on the beach and he did just that. Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington alum never left the coastal town and said living at the beach is hands-down his favorite part about the Cape Fear area. Moree is a real estate professional and attorney, and his every-growing law firm focuses on comprehensive real estate law services. Friendly, honest and driven, Moree manages to find balance between his job and his life outside of work.


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