Delicious Ways to Stay Healthy in 2020 with Earth Fare

by Jan 9, 2020Sponsored Content, The Blog, Wilmington

Earth Fare was founded in 1975, with the simple goal of giving shoppers the confidence of knowing what was in their food.

As we like to say, “We read the labels so you don’t have to.” 

That Food Philosophy is still true today, and as the New Year brings new resolutions, your Wilmington Earth Fare has the right products to help you make healthy choices every day of the year.

Don’t know where to begin? These ten easy tips will get you on the road to healthier choices. 

  1. Blend Like a Pro: An easy and delicious way to stay healthy every day is with a smoothie. Start with a base of creamy plant-based or rBST-free milk and blend in anything you’re feeling, like salty nut butters, frozen fruits, and protein powder. You can also try pouring it in a bowl and topping it with more frosty fruits, granola, and more.
  2. Live the Plant Life: Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or just trying to eat more vegetables with your favorite steak, Earth Fare has all the plant-based option you crave. Eating, and enjoying plants is getting even easier in 2020. With so many new and exciting ways to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, you’ll never be bored by what’s on your plate.
  3. There’s Something about Keto: The high fat, low carb frenzy isn’t going anywhere, and now it’s even easier to help your body burn fat for fuel while enjoying foods you love, like sugar-free syrups, bone broth, keto-friendly pancake mixes, and more.Earth Fare bacon, salmon, beef and brussels sprouts
  4. The Paleo Perspective: Say hello to eating more vegetables, ethically sourced meats and fish, fruits, nuts, and seeds with paleo. With plenty of room for plants, this lifestyle means eating foods similar to what our cave-dwelling ancestors would have eaten in their time.
  5. Beat Inflammation: Have you been hearing the buzz around eating an “anti-inflammatory diet” recently? To help reduce inflammation, try eating more anti-inflammatory foods, like vegetables (cooked however you enjoy them), more antioxidants from colorful foods or supplements, and by reducing the amount of processed foods you eat.
  6. Seasonal Strength: Good health starts with a strong immune system, and there are plenty of ways to naturally fight off cold and flu symptoms. Soothe a scratchy throat with Organic tea and take an Earth Fare Elderberry Herbal Supplement every day to support your immune system.
  7. Smarter Eating: Wake your brain up with foods packed with healthy fats and brain-loving supplements! Salmon and avocados are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that support brain function, or try adding an Omega capsule to your routine.
  8. Eater’s Digest: A healthy gut means a healthy 2020, and plenty of all-natural, tasty foods are packed with exactly what your digestive system needs to flourish. Lean into eating more fiber-rich foods to keep things moving and getting probiotics from fermented foods and supplemental probiotics.Earth Fare Pasta and Chocolate Products
  9. Your Trusted Source for Hemp & CBD: Bring a drop of chill to each day with a quiet moment just for you–enhanced with hemp. From CBD tinctures to plant-based hemp protein powder, all it takes is a second to pause, blend that protein shake, take a CBD gummy, or moisturize your skin with a hemp and CBD-packed body oil.
  10. Do It for the Earth: Once you’ve taken care of yourself, then you can help care for the environment. Luckily, each appetizing bite can help when you choose products that love the Earth as much as you do. Even pasta night can help achieve that goal with sustainably-made pasta, Organic sauce, and a little Fair Trade chocolate for dessert.

Join the Wilmington Earth Fare for its one-year anniversary celebration on Saturday, January 18 starting at 7am. The first 100 people in line will get an Earth Fare gift card worth $5 – $500 dollars. There will also be a cake cutting, special offers, and product sampling.

Earth Fare 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

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