Creating the Seaview Crab Company Dream Team

by Sep 23, 2019Sponsored Content, The Blog, Wilmington

Exceptional talent isn’t the only thing Seaview Crab Company looks for in their employees. They also look for character-driven team members who aren’t afraid to get dirty. 

Kyle Clossick, general manager at Seaview Crab Company, is the man behind the hiring, training and overall development of the Seaview Dream Team. He has a knack not only for spotting talented team members, but also mentoring, encouraging and helping them grow into new roles.  

Some of their most valuable employees started out on the entry-level side of the business and have created important niche roles for themselves. Kyle himself started working at Seaview when he was still in high school. He grew up with the company and is now the main talent recruiter. Craig Reece is another example. He started at Seaview selling to customers behind the counter and now he’s managing and growing the shipping aspect of the business. Their mentoring and training process means when a door opens for someone to move up, the next person in line is ready to step up too.   

Seaview has what they call a mentor map — a business plan so that everyone down the chain stays in the loop with every aspect of the businesses. They want to challenge the entrepreneurial spirit in all of their employees to help them grow from one position into another one. All of their team members wear multiple hats, which gives them the opportunity to experience different aspects of the business and a taste of what future position they might want to focus on. 

Seaview’s team members come from all backgrounds and circumstances. But the one thing they all have in common is their passion for the seafood business. That diversity makes it easy for them to connect with their broad customer base. It also lends itself to innovation, new perspectives, creativity and trustworthiness. And since trust is a big component in the seafood business, Kyle looks for employees in the communities where their markets are; he wants community members not only serving and selling to other community members, but also building relationships. 

So what do Kyle and company look for in a team member? First of all, someone who is excited about seafood. You don’t have to know everything about the business — or anything for that matter — as long as you are willing to learn. They look for someone who isn’t afraid to be a leader. Someone who is a self-learner and will help define his or her own job description. Character is a significant requirement as well. They want elite community members who are reliable, hungry for a challenge and can think on their feet. Since there are no cookie-cutter days in the seafood business, flexibility is key. Oh yeah, and they welcome odd-balls too! 

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