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by Oct 3, 2019Sponsored Content, The Blog, Wilmington

Seaview Crab Company is committed to supporting local commercial fishermen. 

Have you ever walked past the seafood counter at your local grocery store and seen signs that say “fresh” shrimp, salmon, tuna or other species — and then read on the packaging that it is a product in Indonesia or someplace so remote that you wonder, how can this be fresh? Well, it’s not. It’s frozen and shipped thousands of miles away. 

When you buy seafood from Seaview Crab Company, you’re not just getting the freshest product, you’re supporting local fishing communities, which means you are keeping small hard-working, family-owned harvesters in businesses and helping contribute to a thriving coastal community. And buying locally caught seafood guarantees that the fishing practices are sustainable. Seaview gets its product fresh from a network of local fishermen in Southport, Oak Island, the Outer Banks, Sneads Ferry and Hampstead and from offshore boats in Brunswick County. Some seafood markets buy their products through brokers, but Seaview has built their reputation on freshness, and that’s why they buy directly from those doing the catching. 

Joe, Sam and Nate, founders of Seaview Crab Company, got their start in fishing and crabbing, which they still do every chance they get. It’s important for them to remain involved in the harvesting side of the business. But this also means they understand what it’s like to be on the other end of the net or fishing line and how hard these men and women work to support themselves and their families. And it’s not just the fishermen. Did you realize that restaurants, seafood markets, boat builders and sellers, truck drivers, fuel companies and anyone else involved in the industry are all tied to the success of our local fishing economy?

Speaking of success, since the seafood industry is weather, season, regulation and profit-margin driven, every week can be a strategy session — for both the fishermen and Seaview. Fishermen have typically had a smaller profit margin on underutilized fish, those species that don’t command the price, demand and popularity in the market like the more traditional species. Seaview Crab Company is vested in helping fishermen create new markets for those underutilized, less profit-making species like shark, sheepshead or local conch, just to name a few. When consumers are made aware of and purchase underutilized products, they’re helping create a market, driving the wholesale price up, which helps to economically sustain local fishing communities as other species decline or face more strict fishing quotas. 

So, if you like the idea of purchasing sustainable seafood and supporting local fishermen, ask the fishmongers at any of the Seaview markets a couple of questions: Where were your products caught? Do you have any underutilized seafood I might want to try? Remember, the closer you are to the source, the fresher your seafood.


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