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Starting with flavorful, fresh fish is key when cooking seafood. And that’s why it’s important to buy fish that’s in season. You can be assured that your local fishmongers at Seaview Crab Company have what’s in season. If you’re not sure what you want, or if you’re new to purchasing or cooking fresh seafood, let them help guide you. Think of a visit to Seaview as a Seafood 101 crash course! And the good news is, no matter the time of year, there is always seafood in season in North Carolina! 

What’s hot and what’s not currently in the seafood market? Crawfish season ended in June, so you’ll have to wait until next year to get those mudbugs fresh again. North Carolina brown shrimp are starting to show up, growing like weeds in July and maturing into big juicy jumbos by mid-August. 

There is such a variety of seasonal favorites to look for over the summer months, like local black grouper, clams, blue crabs, snapper, shrimp, spot, swordfish, seabass, Spanish mackerel, oysters, tilefish and trigger fish. Some of Seaview’s fishmonger favorites include mahi-mahi (or dolphinfish), yellow-fin tuna, Atlantic salmon, live lobsters and snow crab legs. As the folks at Seaview Crab Company will tell you, the seafood business is a fast-moving, ever-changing one, so supplies and choices can vary within the hour.

Whether you’re a seafood foodie or a seafood newbie, Seaview Crab Company is your one-stop shop for fresh and local selections.

But just because it’s caught in season, and local, you still want to make sure it’s fresh by following your senses. Look to make sure fish has a vibrant color or shimmers and that the eyes are bright. Touch it to make sure it’s firm. Fish shouldn’t be mushy. Smell it to see if it has that just-from-the-ocean smell. If you’re buying ever-popular shrimp this summer, make sure the shells are translucent with a grayish-green, pinkish-tan or pink tint. They should also be firm, with a mild odor. When you buy seafood at Seaview Crab Company, they won’t steer you wrong. Their business depends on freshness and transparency. 

Don’t forget to ask the fishmongers at Seafood Crab Company the best way to prepare your selections. Not all fish and seafood are cooked the same. For example, tuna tastes best if it’s grilled, broiled or sautéed, and salmon might give you a better taste if it’s baked or poached. 

Let them help you navigate the mysteries of buying and cooking seafood. 

The summer is an exciting time for Seaview Crab Company as they hit the road several times a week up and down the North Carolina coast buying seafood right off the boats of their network of fishermen. This way you can be assured of an ever-changing variety. Seaview promotes their seasonal catches, seafood specials, weekly menus and recipe ideas on social media and on their email newsletter, which is also available on their Facebook page. 


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