Who’s Who: Brooke and Devin Skipper, Salt Air Heating & Cooling

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Who’s Who of Wilmington Today: Meet Brooke and Devin Skipper

Brooke was born in a small town outside Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. She moved to Wilmington to attend UNCW, fell in love with the town and never left. She enjoys the ocean, especially fishing and paddleboarding. She’s determined, honest and prefers planning.

Originally from Massachusetts, Devin was born into a military family but has lived in North Carolina all his life. His favorite part of Wilmington is the salt air. He jokes, “No really, I love that smell!” Devin describes himself as an introvert, driven and a visionary.

What is your average workday like?
Brooke: It is always different and that is what I like most. I could be meeting with clients, working on recruitment of staff, or processing items for our financials.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Brooke: The ability to work with so many different people.
Devin: This is twofold for me. I love that we have been able to create jobs and opportunities for our team members and I love the technical side of HVAC. There is so much math and science in our field that it forces us to be lifelong learners.

What is the most difficult part of your job?
Brooke: Although working with different types of people is my favorite, it can also be difficult at times.
Devin: Leading a team of diverse personalities.

What has working at Salt Air done for you?
Brooke: It has definitely forced us outside of our comfort zone and forced us to grow as leaders. For that we are grateful.

Do you have any goals for the company?
Devin: To create a company culture that commands excellence and integrity to such a level that success is inevitable!

What will you do to achieve those goals?
Brooke: Train our team members for not only technical ability but also personal growth.

Fun Facts
What is your favorite movie? Brooke: I’m not a huge movie person. Can we say favorite book? Everybody Always by Bob Goff
Devin: Tommy Boy
What was your most embarrassing moment? Brooke: Reading out the wrong name at an awards presentation.
Devin: Just about anytime I have to speak in public.
If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? Brooke: The ability to fly.
Devin: Teleportation, to travel the world (I can be impatient)
What’s your favorite song right now? Brooke: Anything Miranda Lambert sings.
Devin: LANCO: “Singing at Stars”
Do you have any pet peeves? Brooke: If I can hear someone chewing their food, my skin begins to crawl.
Devin: Laziness
What’s your favorite quote or mantra? Brooke: “When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.” – Kay Yow
Devin: Success is rented not owned!
What are a few things about your business that you would want our readers to know?
We are not perfect, but we strive for excellence in everything we do. We believe that clients should be informed of all their options because we understand that their home or building is one of their largest investments and we treat it as such.
We employ seasoned staff and operate on a simple mission — to provide efficient and effective solutions for our customers’ heating and air issues. We encourage you to visit our website for information on how the professional, friendly Salt Air representatives can help you.

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