At 138 South Front Street,  find Little Dipper, the first Wilmington restaurant to offer tableside fondue. In 2011, the nationally-acclaimed restaurant website named The Little Dipper one of America’s top 100 restaurants. Six cheese fondues are served. Diners get to choose the beer blended into Cheddar Ale Fondue, rich with sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler cheeses. Stella Artois is light in color and flavor, Yuengling produces a medium body and nutty flavor while Guinness imparts a full-flavored dark beer taste. Classic Swiss fondue also gets a twist.

A little parmigiano cheese joins Gruyere and Emmenthaler in a white wine base seasoned with nutmeg, garlic and Kirsch. Enjoy fondue and other dishes a la carte or try a three-course meal, which include a cheese fondue for the table to share, the soup of the day or one of five salads, and a selection from the many entrée choices.

Desserts are priced separately. Chefs offer six entrée cooking styles, including the most-popular White Merlot and Vegetable featuring rich vegetable stock blended with merlot wine. It or any of the other styles may be applied to the likes of blackened filet mignon, pork tenderloin or a seafood combination.

A la carte dishes include grilled scallops and vegetables, a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and vegetarian sliders.

How could you not at least think about dessert for dinner, considering nut-topped caramel and dark chocolate Turtle fondue; milk chocolate, marshmallow cream and peanut butter Fluffernutter fondue; and white chocolate and mixed berry brandy sauce Berry White fondue? Six liqueurs let you create your own dark, milk or white chocolate fondue. As if 12 chocolate fondues were not enough, you may add a slice of cheesecake and berries to any fondue.

Old-fashioned, pane-glass picture windows front the main dining room. The Garden Room deck out back can be set up for private parties. The restaurant has a wide-ranging wine list and a full bar offering classic and signature cocktails such as the wonderful chocolate martini.

The Little Dipper opens for dinner at 5 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. The restaurant is open daily from Memorial Day through October.

The Little Dipper offers specials several nights a week.

Get half-price bottles of wine on Sunday and a four-course, bargain prix fixe menu on Thursday.

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