Who’s Who: Jacob Golubski, Manager, Seaview Crab Company

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Manager Jacob Golubski is leading his team at Seaview Crab Company in the right direction.

Jacob Golubski, manager at Seaview Crab Company, took the bait to fall in love with the fishing industry at an early age. The Wilmington native grew up right around the corner from the shop on Carolina Beach Road and always had one toe dipped in the ocean, so to speak, working summers as a lifeguard and helping his dad at his marine electronic business.

“I didn’t really want to go to college after high school,” Golubski says, “but I knew I wanted to do something involving the ocean and something hands-on.”

Seaview was originally a side job for Golubski, who worked at Autoglass at the same time he was a fishmonger at Seaview. Three years later, he rose to become manager at the Carolina Beach Road location.

“As time went on, I just kind of developed a leadership role and was getting everybody where they needed to be and doing what they needed to do,” he says. “I’ve been involved in recreational fishing my whole life, so I know a little bit about that, as far as any training.”

Golubski says a typical day for him on the job varies, from food shopping when it’s really busy to figuring out the special orders, from restocking seafood to hands-on projects to fixing up the building before the busy season is upon them.

“We’re a specialty grocery store and people really like the local fish we have to offer,” he says. “We try to keep everything super local, and people coming down from the North want to know local seafood tastes like. They’ve had halibut their whole life.”

Golubski says they have built solid relationships with commercial fishermen and buy all of their fish as a company. “We only do crabbing,” he notes.

crabs from seaview crab company

Seaview stocks a bounty of both locally sourced and international fresh seafood. All seven locations also offer customized seafood packages, tackle, gear and merchandise and seafood spices.

Seaview Crab Company’s mission for the last decade has been sourcing fresh, local fish and protecting the local community by land and by sea. Their takeout kitchen on Marsteller Street, which opened in February 2020, is officially ocean-friendly certified through the Plastic Ocean Project program. They’re committed to using eco-friendly takeout containers that can be composted; placing recycling bins at all locations; eliminating excess seafood waste from the retail markets by incorporating it somehow into the kitchen’s menu or recycling skin and waste products into dog treats, fish scraps, bait or guitar picks; and offering reusable thermal-insulated bags to customers.

“Our other manager, Taylor, at that location is really good, as far as bringing in more environmental protocols,” Golubski says. “We have recycling bags out or recyclable deli paper to try to cut down on plastic usage. And I’m working on making dog treats now from the fish scraps, carcasses and everything, grinding it up and making like a paté for dogs. A lot of people love knowing where their dog’s food is coming from and they trust that this brand doesn’t have all these chemicals and whatnot.”

Golubski and team Seaview are taking the extra step to give the Wilmington area the freshest fish while protecting the community’s beaches and ocean.

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