Get ready to bring the magic of the Barbie movie to life.

Barbie has been a beloved character for generations, inspiring young girls to dream big and embrace their uniqueness.

With the new movie Barbie capturing hearts worldwide, it’s no wonder that it has become a source of inspiration for fun things of every sort. Whether you are looking for a fun way to celebrate the Barbie movie or simply looking for things to feed your love for the color pink, this is your ultimate guide to finding Barbie-related things near you.

Barbie-Themed Food and Drinks

Barbie-inspired treats can add an extra touch of magic to your day. Here you will find Barbie snacks like food, ice cream, drinks and desserts.

Mimi and Papa’s Gourmet Popcorn and Homemade Ice Cream

Mimi & Papas Ice Cream and Popcorn Leland NC
Mimi & Papas Leland NC

What to order: Mimi and Papas have lots of Barbie-inspired treats. You can try the “Malibu Barbie Shake”, “Barbie’s Pink Slush”, “Amelia’s Barbie Sundae”, and the “Barbie’s Dream Mix” popcorn.

Insta: @mimiandpapaspopcorn
Location: 324 Village Road NE D, Leland


Barbie Secret Starbucks Drink Wilmington NC

What to order: This Barbie-themed drink is on something called a Secret Menu, meaning this is not available on their regular menu. Ask for a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with half-and-half milk, mixed with dragon fruit, added with three pumps of vanilla syrup and dragon fruit on top.

Insta: @starbucks
Many locations around the Wilmington area

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls Wilmington NC Barbie Bowl

What to order: When ordering at playa bowls you can simply just ask them for a “Barbie bowl”, if you go there and that special is no longer available, ask for a pitaya base with strawberries, coconut flakes, and honey.

Insta: @playabowlswilmington
Location: 939 International Drive, Suite M 100, Wilmington


Cold Stone Creamery

What to order: If you’re looking for ice cream in Cold Stone, order the “All That Glitters is Pink” ice cream. For a more grand celebration, order the “Best Cake Ever.”

Insta: @coldstone
Location: 951 International Drive, Wilmington

Spill Coffee Co 


What to order:  At Spill Coffee everything is pink. They have recently added the drink “Barbie Gorl” to their menu permanently. You can also order a “latte with espresso” that will come with pink milk in it.

Insta: @spillcoffeeco
Location: 1207 S. Kerr Avenue, Suite 1, Wilmington


Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

HWY 55 Wilmington NC

What to order: Here we order the new strawberry shortcake sundae, shakes, or concretes, whatever your desire.

Insta: @hwy55burgers
Many locations around the Wilmington area

Barbie-Themed Places, Events and Music

The Beehive Blondes

The Beehive Blondes are two female DJs who have been bringing all the Barbie vibes lately. Just check out their Instagram, and you’ll already feel like you’re living your Barbie dream.

Beehive Blondes

Insta: @beehiveblondes

Modern Legend

Modern Legend has been celebrating Barbie too! Looking for some Barbie goods? Modern Legend now has Barbie-themed stickers!

Insta: @modernlegendnc
Location: 130 N. Front Street #102, Wilmington

Record Stores

Barbie The Album soundtrack is available in vinyl or CD form at your local record store. This album is in high demand. If you can’t find it at the first record store, try the next record store or order online there. Here are some shops you can try:

SchoolKids Records
Yellow Dog Discs
Record Bar
Gravity Records


Whether you’re a lifelong Barbie fan or just discovering the magic, the Barbie movie theme is sure to bring joy and inspiration to your life. So dive in, and let the world of Barbie captivate you!

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