5 Reasons to Support Wilmington Symphony Orchestra

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There are many reasons to support WSO as it seeks to grow and continue serving the community.


For nearly half a century, Wilmington Symphony Orchestra (WSO) has regaled the Cape Fear area with an extensive lineup of live musical performances, including five masterworks classical concerts and two pops concerts each year. The orchestra’s rich history and cultural arts significance makes it an invaluable asset to the community.

“Supporting the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra by enjoying its concerts and providing financial help benefits the whole region,” Conductor Steven Errante says. “We have been a vital part of the community for almost 50 years, and we hope to grow as Wilmington grows.”

Here are just five of the many reasons to support the WSO:

  • Youth Education Program –

    Since 2002 WSO has offered orchestral training and performing opportunities to more than 100 young musicians. WSO offers two youth ensembles: the Wilmington Symphony Junior Strings for sixth through eighth graders, and the Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra for musicians in grades nine through 12. The youth orchestra plays four family-friendly concerts each year at UNCW’s Kenan Auditorium. WSO also holds an annual Young Artists Concerto Competition, in which young instrumentalists perform before a panel of judges. Age level winners are chosen to perform with the Wilmington Symphony and the Youth Orchestra.

  • Commitment to the Community

    – Part of the mission of WSO is to provide cultural benefits to the Greater Cape Fear regional communities. The organization is committed to offering locals and visitors the chance to enjoy symphonic music at the highest possible degree of excellence. “Having a symphony adds an element of community pride, and it’s a measure that some people look at when they consider moving here,” says Marketing and Operations Director Nicole Thompson. “People want to know about the arts scene and what’s happening here, and the symphony is definitely a part of that.”

  • Live Music Experience

    – Enjoying live orchestral music is a very different experience than watching it on television. Live music is emotionally inspiring, and concertgoers of all ages benefit greatly when they can drive downtown to hear WSO play. “From the quietest stroke of a triangle to the massive sound of the brass section, the symphony orchestra is one of the most varied and thrilling musical experiences I know of,” Errante says.

  • Benefit to Local Musicians

    – WSO gives local musicians an opportunity to play and perform with fellow artists. For many, playing music is a passion and a hobby but not a full-time job. The existence of WSO gives instrumentalists who live in the region a place to gather with other musicians and perform on stage in front of their community.

  • Importance of Orchestral Music

    – You hear it everywhere you go: in movies, on television commercials, in waiting rooms and elevators. Orchestral music permeates everyday life, and even those who think they don’t care for it would notice if our ears stopped hearing it. “I think it would be a great void if we not to have orchestral music in our society,” Thompson says. “It really is everywhere.”


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