D. Baxter’s

by Mar 31, 2016Shopping, Wilmington

A wonderful shop on Oleander Drive has been in business since 1993. They specialize in two things, lamps and framing. Customers throughout Southeastern North Carolina have come to rely on D. Baxter’s for their expertise in repairing lamps and helping people choose the right shade for lamps that need a replacement. Thousands of happy customers have purchased their products and services.

In addition to top quality repairs for lamps and chandeliers, they have an enormous selection of frames.


D. Baxter’s superb framing

The company also has the people with the talent to do a superb job of matting and framing all types of artwork, diplomas and other objects that people want to display. The quality of materials chosen for frames and mats can have a huge impact on the way the subject matter appears.

Great reading lamps are available at D. Baxter's in Wilmington, NC.

Great reading lamps are available at D. Baxter’s in Wilmington, NC.

D. Baxter’s has by far the largest selection of new lamps, replacement shades, finials and pulls in the area. They have a great assortment of  lamps that provide the light and height for perfectly comfortable reading. They can produce a lamp out of most anything; people with a favorite vase or sculpture that they would like to turn into a lamp can have it done here.

They also refinish brass and silver and expertly repair porcelain and glass. Even items that owners have thought were far beyond repair have been restored by the talented staff at D. Baxter’s.

For more information visit www.dbaxters.com.

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