Albert F. Rhodes Fine Jewelry

by Jan 1, 2017Shopping, Wilmington

The finest full service, traditional jeweler in Southeastern North Carolina is Albert F. Rhodes Fine Jewelry, located on Floral Parkway just up from Independence Mall in Wilmington, NC.

The store has been a Wilmington institution since 1948. Albert F. Rhodes Fine Jewelry has some of the finest diamond jewelry in the area and definitely has the most knowledgeable and helpful staff. Don’t even consider buying a fine piece of diamond jewelry without visiting here.

Headed today by Wayne Rhodes, son of the founder, shoppers can get an education if needed for true comparison shopping.

Ask any staff person and they will explain the four “Cs” of diamond grading to you. It is critical that you understand how stones are graded before you invest in a diamond.

Jewelry is not limited just to diamonds. They also have a tremendous selection of gold or sterling silver earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, both plain and set with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones. Pearls in many forms and colors are on display and jewelry set with many types of gemstones is available too.

The Chamilia line of jewelry, shown in the photo above, has been a popular edition at the store. Bracelets, rings and earrings are available. All types of charms and beads can be assembled to create a truly unique piece. Chamilia is a wonderful gift for the special people in one’s life. The initial piece can be added to as birthday, anniversary, graduation, Mother’s Day or “just because” gifts.

Albert F. Rhodes also carries china, silver and crystal giftware, making it easy to find the perfect gift whether you’re shopping for yourself, your fiancé, your wedding attendants or your mother.

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