St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a beautiful venue for couples seeking a traditional and sacred setting for their vows.

Hearing wedding bells? Gaining good reception as a wedding venue, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has been the site of many weddings over its nearly 165-year history.

Weddings are a celebration of joy and as a sacramental rite are a “solemn and public covenant” between two people. Clergy preside at the celebration and blessing of a marriage.

The Reverend Caleb Lee, who moved to Wilmington from Grace Church Cathedral in Charleston, South Carolina, is the rector of St. Paul’s.

St Paul's Episcopal Church Priest

One of the aspects he enjoys is getting to know the two people planning their wedding and talking with them about the importance of understanding their new commitment to each other through marriage.

“I bring with me the style and tradition of a cathedral wedding for those wanting a Southern and traditional ceremony,” he says. “I enjoy supporting these couples in both an anxious and exciting time in their lives and reminding them that God loves them.”

Wedding at St Paul's Episcopal Church

Located at Market and 16th streets, St. Paul’s American Gothic Revival architecture is highlighted by a stunning rose window over the altar and the other historic stained glass memorial windows, complete with a world-class organ complemented by an additional festival trumpet organ. The long aisle makes a perfect walk for the bride to the altar.

“Our church is so gorgeous,” says Layne Dupree, wedding coordinator. “Brides seem to have such a difficult time finding a church venue if they aren’t already members of the church — and at this venue, we can fulfill this wish.”

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

As the church’s wedding coordinator, Dupree’s job is to assist couples with planning the details of their day — music, decorations, photography, order of service — and conforming to the liturgy for the celebration and blessing of a marriage.

“It seems to me that St. Paul’s brings together the elegance and majesty of a traditional American Gothic Revival church setting with the charm and beauty of a 21st-century Southern coastal wedding,” says Ellen Weig, the church’s archivist/parish historian of almost eight years. “It’s also that moment the music from our amazing organs fills the church and a bride begins to walk down the long aisle. You can’t help but feel the joy and promise of new beginnings. … It’s absolute joy.”

Wilmington NC St Paul's Episcopal Church

“The church is an architectural gem,” adds Dupree. “It is the perfect setting for the celebration and blessing of a marriage and for the start of life together as a married couple.”

For couples seeking a traditional sacred setting for their wedding, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a picturesque place for couples to say their vows. To boot, the church has the capacity to seat up to 350 people — and St. Paul’s also has a separate chapel that could provide an intimate wedding setting for a small gathering of family and friends.

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church History

Ready to tie the knot?
Visit for more information or contact Layne Dupree through the administration office at the church.

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