In a time when people are finding themselves spending most of their days working and learning from home, indoor air quality has never been more important. Studies done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have shown that the air inside our homes can be as much as five times more polluted than the air we breathe outside. Since poor air quality greatly impacts our overall health and well being, improving our home’s air quality is essential.

Devin Skipper, owner and president of Salt Air, Inc., categorizes indoor air pollutants into three types: particulate, biological, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Salt Air offers a range of different products designed to help mitigate the negative impacts of these pollutants, including those that address the most important aspect of indoor air quality: adequate fresh air ventilation.

“Adding fresh air into the home is the single best way to positively impact indoor air quality,” says Skipper. “As they say, the solution to pollution is dilution.”

Several products can be used to introduce fresh air into a home. ERVs (Energy recovery ventilators) bring in fresh air from outside the home. Ventilation dehumidifiers do the same, with the added benefit of also dehumidifying the air as it’s introduced into the AC system. This feature makes the ventilation dehumidifier a great solution in Wilmington’s humid coastal market.

Another important step in improving indoor air quality is the process of filtering out airborne particles, including dust, pollen, dirt, pet dander, soot, and smoke.

Particle filtration can best be accomplished through the use of media filtration or electronic air filters to purify a home’s air. For biological and odor VOCs, Salt Air offers photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) systems that filter air using ultraviolet light. The use of UV light enables PCO products to attack and break down a wide range of airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs.

Whether it be fresh air ventilation, media or electronic air cleaners or PCO technology, Salt Air offers a variety of remedies for indoor air pollution. Improving a home’s indoor air quality is extremely important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma, and even those who don’t can still benefit from the use of these products.

“Carbon dioxide can build up in a house that’s not properly ventilated, which can have a negative impact on your health and make you lethargic,” says Skipper. “PCOs do a great job at reducing smells in your home, and electronic air cleaners help keep your system running cleaner so that you’re not having to maintain it as often. These three products in conjunction can really increase your quality of life.”

As a response to COVID-19, Salt Air has gone contactless in all client dealings. In addition to maintaining social distancing during all customer interactions, technicians are washing their hands before and after calls, wearing gloves and face masks, and sanitizing tools in between clients. All quotes for repair work can be emailed directly to customers, and in turn customers can sign electronically and make payments online so as to avoid any handling of documents or tablets. With a commitment to safety, Salt Air continues to work hard to help clients increase the comfort and cleanliness of the air inside their homes.

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