Best Places in Wilmington NC to Play With Your Buddy Pokémon

by Sep 5, 2016The Blog, Wilmington

The Pokémon Go craze has taken over Wilmington NC, sparking an abundance of Pokémon themed events and meet-ups for Pokémon trainers of all ages. And with Niantic’s newest release on September 2, participants can play with their “Buddy Pokémon.” Just pick your favorite Pokémon to become your buddy and you open up unique in-game rewards and experiences. Then, take your Buddy Pokémon with you to add helpful bonuses such as awarding Candy for walking together while you play Pokémon Go in Wilmington, NC.

We want to save you time in your efforts to attract, hatch, and battle your Pokémon’s by sending you to the best places in town to play while also enjoying your surroundings.

Wilmington Downtown – A Haven for Pokéstops

Historic Wilmington Downtown has by far the greatest population of Pokéstops and Pokemon in the Wilmington area. Many of the Pokéstops will have lures running 24/7.

Catch “Pizzachu” at Slice of Life

Area businesses have taken advantage of the Pokémon craze.  Our friends at Slice of Life in Downtown Wilmington let you know where you can find Pizzachu (and believe me, it’s delicious!).

Hunt Pokémon Through Airlie Gardens

A new kind of ‘wildlife’ can now be found at Airlie Gardens. One of Wilmington’s most popular and beautiful attractions is full of rare Pokémon, 14 Pokétops, a Pokégym and breathtaking sites.

Airlie Gardens hosted an event in August especially for Pokémon hunters. We hope they’ll do it again!

Meet-Up With Other Pokémon Trainers at the Cotton Exchange’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Popular downtown shopping destination, The Cotton Exchange, is celebrating its 40th anniversary on September 17th with live music…and a Pokémon hunt! Learn more about the event here.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Ft Fisher

The Pokémon hunt at the Fort Fisher Aquarium in August was a sold out event that attracted as many kids as adults. Guests were invited to catch the Pokémon while also enjoying the area’s most popular aquatic attraction. You don’t have to go to an official event to benefit from the Aquarium’s eight Pokéstops and Pokégym next time you visit.

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