Who’s Who: Kyra Tebo, General Manager of YoSake

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Who’s Who: Kyra Tebo, General Manager of YoSake

Kyra Tebo admits that she got into the restaurant industry on accident. Once a student actor in New York City, the allure of making money from waiting tables reeled her in to becoming a server. She learned how to do the job by watching one of her server friends, and now works as General Manager for downtown Wilmington’s hip sushi lounge, YoSake, a restaurant she’s always considered herself a cheerleader of.

“We are so unique,” she said. “We are fun. Fresh. Hip. Even our name is a little funky!”

Born in Kentland, Indiana, Tebo came to live in Wilmington after visiting a friend who was filming a TV pilot there. She fell in love with the riverfront and the beach and eventually moved down to the area.

During her visits Tebo enjoyed dining at YoSake, and so when she moved to Wilmington she applied to be a server and started waitressing there in 2013. “It’s different from the city,” she said. “A lot more relaxed and fun.”

After four years of hard work and earning the trust of the owners and customers, Tebo became General Manager of the restaurant, a role she says is a natural fit for her, as she takes pride in being able to share her tips and tricks of the trade with fellow staff members and keeping up moral.

Her cheerful, friendly energy is contagious with both customers and servers of YoSake, which contributes to the delightful atmosphere of the entire restaurant.

“My favorite part about managing Yosake is being able to strengthen my relationships with people,” said Tebo. “When I can make someone’s day a little brighter by cracking a joke and giving them good food and drinks then my work day is a success.”

Additionally, Tebo’s vivacious personality pairs perfectly with the vibrant sushi menu at YoSake. Speciality rolls incorporate a range of creative fillings, like Kimchee Futomaki, a spicy blend of vegetables, shrimp and koni cobb salad and tobiko, flying fish roe. Other menu items include poke, noodle bowls and curry. But what stands out most to Tebo is the fish, which she says is always fresh and makes YoSake, YoSake.

As General Manager, Tebo has a variety of responsibilities as far as getting the restaurant ready for service, but she always show up energized and ready to go. Her duties include confirming reservations with the hosts, making sure the waitstaff has everything set up in the front of house and ensuring all menu items are available back in the kitchen.

Tebo has high hopes for the future of YoSake.

“I see us expanding,” she said. “Our food is consistent, people love our waitstaff and the atmosphere is wonderful.”

She also hopes that eventually she’ll be asked to be a partner of the restaurant, or even manage other parts of the Historic Roudabush Building, which YoSake, along with The Husk and Dram + Morsel are housed in.

Outside of YoSake, Tebo continues to act, with auditions for film and TV cropping up here and there. She also dreams of getting back into theatre someday, which she says is her first love.

Tebo’s outgoing charisma paired with YoSake’s delicious Asian fusion menu makes the restaurant an enticing spot to dine in downtown Wilmington. Customers will feel more than welcome thanks to Tebo’s desire to please everyone that walks through the front door.

“Being a manager means going the extra mile for our guests,” said Tebo. “Most of all it means getting to be so lucky to do what I love.”

by, Lauren Krutchen

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