Who’s Who: Hannah Wojteczko, General Manager at Dram + Morsel

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Who’s Who: Hannah Wojteczko, General Manager at Dram + Morsel

Hannah Wojteczko is somewhat of an adventurer, having traveled to 48 out of the 50 United States, and thoroughly exploring her way through each. Wojteczko was born in Colorado, but you can now find her at Dram + Morsel in Downtown Wilmington, whipping up craft cocktails behind the bar at the elegant eatery on Front Street. She originally came to the area because of her brother, who’s stationed at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, but has always had a desire to live by the ocean, making Wilmington the perfect spot to establish herself.

Wojteczko applied first to The Husk, Dram + Morsel’s sister restaurant, after hearing that it was one of the busiest bars downtown. She was fortunate enough to become a trusted employee that the management believed could handle both the high-volume, fast-paced atmosphere of The Husk and the high-end, craft cocktail vibe of Dram + Morsel.

Wojteczko began learning the craft of bartending at the age of 18 at a fast-paced hometown bar, which at first began as just a way for her to make money throughout college but turned into something much more.

“I have had the opportunity to work in almost every atmosphere, from dive bars to sports bars and now to The Husk and Dram + Morsel,” Wojteczko said. “Over the past 7 years it has become a passion of mine.”

She especially loves the opportunity Dram + Morsel has provided her to learn the more upscale craft cocktails found at the restaurant, including a Chocolate Old Fashioned, Rosé Spritz and Downtown Daiquiri.

“While I certainly don’t mind slinging out a bunch of rum and cokes or vodka cranberries at The Husk, I really do love the time and attention it takes to perfect a well-balanced, thoughtful drink,” she said.

Wojteczko takes great pride in both the cocktail and food menus at Dram + Morsel, where she’s been working for almost a year. She boasts that the restaurant lives up to its name, “dram” being a drink of spirits and “morsel” being a piece of food. Their tapas menu of small plates like pupusas and deviled eggs is ideal for sharing, a notion that Wojteczko believes makes Dram + Morsel stand out from other restaurants in the Wilmington area. The lounge aesthetic also appeals to many guests, providing the opportunity to comfortably share company and food in a stylish space that according to Wojteczko is always evolving.

“Since Dram + Morsel opened in December 2016, it has already had a significant evolution with its atmosphere and menu,” she said. “It’s an advantage for the restaurant that it doesn’t have to fit into any specific box, and I’d only expect that evolution to continue.”

When Wojteczko has a day off she takes pleasure in exploring the nature of North Carolina with her dog and laying on the beach. She also loves food and cooking, and enjoys going out for a nice meal with friends as often as she can. Most nights, though, you can find her at either Dram + Morsel or The Husk, crafting some of the best cocktails downtown. Stop in and visit Wojteczko to taste for yourself what delicious concoctions the knowledgeable and adventurous bartender can come up with.

by, Lauren Krouse

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