Who’s Who: Greg Zimmerman of Seaview Crab Company

by Aug 8, 2018Greater Cape Fear, The Blog

Greg Zimmerman, co-manager at the Seaview Crab Company Carolina Beach location, takes pride in bringing local products to local people and, through that work, being a community icon.

“I love helping people learn about and understand this massive food source we have right here in our backyard,” he explains. “Most people do not know the ins-and-outs of seafood (myself included when I first started), and it brings a smile to my face to educate people about it.”

Greg Zimmerman Seaview Crab Company

Greg Zimmerman with wife, Holly, and daughter.

Along with his colleagues, Greg ensures the Carolina Beach location runs smoothly on a daily basis. “It might sound easy but when it’s the middle of summer and you’re directing six to eight high school and college kids – in addition to having sales of more than $15,000 – it gets kind of hectic,” he shares. “Lately I’ve taken charge of the merchandise department and try to keep the best styles and colors of our hats, shirts, etc. in stock. I really enjoy the merchandise side of the company.”

Born in Winston-Salem, Greg moved to Virginia Beach in the second grade. He grew up surfing and skating and his first job was as a busboy in a seafood restaurant. As a child, he took family trips to Wilmington. After graduating from high school, Greg and his best friend decided to move to Wilmington, where they both attended college. Greg earned his business administration degree at Cape Fear Community College then transferred to Brunswick Community College to earn a degree in Aquaculture. After working at UNCW’s Center for Marine Science conducting observational research on clownfish while holding down a cooking job at the same time, he decided it was time to look for something else.

Having heard about Seaview Crab Company through a friend, Greg applied for a position in 2015. His older brother actually lived with, and went to school with, the owners of the company. Needless to say, he got the job and now enjoys putting his aquaculture background to good use. To him, the best part of the job is the flexibility it allows and that it is always changing.

Greg Zimmerman Seaview Crab Company

He recommends Seaview Crab Company to customers because his staff keeps the seafood properly iced and only sells the freshest of the fresh.

“Our customer service is outstanding,” he explains. “As employees of this company, my staff and I are willing to go out of our way to make customers happy so that they leave and return with positive experiences – whether it is interacting with our staff or trying a new type of fish or cooking recipe.”

Greg’s favorite type of seafood is crab. “Steaming them is great, or making crab cakes is pretty good, but by far my favorite thing to do is to deep-fry soft-shell crabs,” he explains. “To me, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Easy access to the beach and the Intracoastal Waterway are Greg’s favorite aspects about living in Wilmington. “I grew up surfing and fishing so this place is perfect for me,” he explains. “Plus it is almost tropical sometimes, with the color of the water in the summertime.”

He is happily married to Holly and together they have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter named Willa. “They are the loves of my life for sure,” he beams.

Visit Seaview Crab Company at any one of their locations or online at seaviewcrabcompany.com.

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