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by May 16, 2023The Blog, Wilmington

Demia Avery’s podcast is all about what’s going on in Wilmington.

You are what you listen to, you know. And if you want to be in the know on what’s going down in town, be sure to tune into positivity queen/podcast pro Demia Avery’s passion project-turned-thriving-business, Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington!. The podcast is available for streaming via Spotify, iHeart Radio and Apple.

Avery made the move from Delaware to Wilmington after visiting a relative in Surf City.

“I fell in love with the area and said I’ll be there in six months,” she recalls. “I love this city, I love the people, I love the beaches … It just brings a lot of peace to me.”

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After she made her southbound move, Avery started podcasting as a hobby to share her experiences around town — and it grew in popularity from there. She’s interviewed a slew of local entrepreneurs as well as local leaders and everyday members of the community, all combining to create the one-of-a-kind heartbeat that makes Wilmington so special.

Some of her favorite people to chat with are couples who have started small businesses.

“I love talking to couples,” Avery says. “I like to get into the meat and potatoes — people’s personal lives and things that go beyond their business.”

This podcasting professional stays in step with the beat of the city by keeping an eye on social media and heading out to fun places and events around town, and she recently made her debut into restaurant reviewing. All of this was a one-woman show until recently. Avery just brought on Colby Westbrook as an intern to help her produce the audible magic.

As she tunes into what’s next for Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington!, Avery wants her audio enterprise to expand in breadth and width, making a foray into video production and then spreading throughout Brunswick County towards Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.

Besides her weekly Thursday pod, Avery touts a weekly five-minute Wednesday “Rundown Report,” in which she condenses timely takes of news and events with fun flair and even a few birthday shoutouts. She also posts spotlights to showcase love to locals and highlight a few reasons why they deserve kudos.

WhatchudoinWilmington Demia Avery

When she is not chatting up cool members of the Wilmington community, Avery is creative director for The Avery Agency, an Atlanta-based talent agency she cofounded with her sister, Gerra Avery, or out and about on the Wilmington beaches.

“I want Whatchu’ Doing Wilmington! to be another source for the community here,” Avery says. “You have the news and the radio, but my podcast is a conglomerate of those things. I want to be a source of who, what, when and where, and I want the people that live here to realize how beautiful this city is!”

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