What Every Man Should Know Before Buying Her Jewelry

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Wilmington’s oldest and most recognized jewelry store, Albert F. Rhodes Fine Jewelry, has been helping men shop for jewelry for over 68 years.

Owner Wayne Rhodes shared some of his valuable insight with us to pass along to men shopping for jewelry. True experts in this area, Rhodes and his friendly and enthusiastic team have over 200 years of combined experience in the jewelry business.

Tips for buying Jewelry

Don’t wait until the last minute

Not a year goes by that the store is bombarded the couple days leading up to Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Get in at least a week before big holidays to ensure you have the best selection and the undivided attention from our team.

Research will be rewarded

It can be difficult for a man who comes in and has not done proper research to determine what to buy her. Here are some tips for how to determine her style and preferences:

  • Review and/or take photos of her existing jewelry. Do you see more silver or gold? Does it look like she favors necklaces over earrings? You can look for styles that compliment her existing pieces or use them for inspiration on a new collection. If she doesn’t have much jewelry, bring in photos of her favorite shoes and/or photos of her dressed up for our team to make some recommendations for you.
  • Find out her favorite color. Does she gravitate toward bright colors? Or does she have a collection of jewelry featuring her birthstone?
  • Stalk her Pinterest page. See if the lady in your life has a Pinterest board with her favorite things. Chances are she has posted jewelry that she loves or at least you can get a feel for her style.
  • Model after her favorite celebrities or icons: Whether she is a fan of Kim Kardashian, Jackie O or Beyonce, scanning the web for photos of them styled in jewelry may help you when shopping.
  • Ask her friends or sister. Sisters are an excellent source of information, especially if they are close in age and spend a great deal of time together. No doubt they’ve poured of many a childhood fantasy about knights in shining armor — and their gifts.

Choose a ring or bracelet over earrings and necklaces

If you’re presenting her gift where there are no mirrors around, she will not be able to put the jewelry right on to admire! You can’t go wrong.

Consider a bracelet from our new collection, Endless Jewelry. The colorful DNA of Endless Jewelry is all about being creative, being elegant, having fun, being playful and to mix and match.

Have fun, and keep the receipt

Take a deep breath and enjoy the process. You’re not signing a 30 year mortgage when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day jewelry from Albert F. Rhodes. If she’s not happy with your selection for any reason, just bring it back to our store at 1325 Floral Parkway, Wilmington, NC 28403 for a return or a refund.

Pro Tip: Make sure to bring her back with you so you can pick something herself (remember to take notes on what she loves!).

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