The Perqs of Geezerhood

by Jun 25, 2024Pub Scout, Restaurants & Bars

Thanks to healthcare inducements, the PubScout splurges at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Wilmington.

I know, I know. It’s a sobering thought to realize (every so often) that you have more years behind you than you have ahead of you.

But rather than focus on what’s gone, it would seem the healthy thing to do is to enjoy what’s left.

That’s one of the reasons I ride my Harley 100+ miles a day whenever I can. And it’s why I drink craft beer, not crap beer.

But it’s also why I try to stay healthy, and when my insurance company sends me an inducement to do some simple thing to improve my health — like having a yearly wellness screening — I do it.

And not only because it’s good for me. But because they give me gift cards. And most recently, they sent me $75 worth and told me I could apply them to various businesses.

Because I had never been to a Ruth’s Chris Steak House, I used that money there. To be sure, I need every bit of it and more because Ruth’s Chris quality does not come cheap.

But, boy, was it worth the visit.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

We celebrated my belated birthday at the Wilmington location recently, and, my word, it was marvelous.

Ruth Fertel must have been a classy lady because class pervades the place from the hostess station to the waitstaff. Michael, our server, could not have been more efficient or attentive.

Ruth's Chris Restaurant

Though it would have been a pleasant night to sit outside, with a view of the Cape Fear, the USS North Carolina and the setting sun, we opted for inside seating.

The dining room was tastefully appointed and not overdone.

Ruth's Chris View Wilmington NC

But “tasteful” also applied to the food. After my Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale and the missus’ wine, we ordered our starters. Mine was an absolutely perfect Caesar Salad, but hers was a Spicy Shrimp Appetizer consisting of eight butterflied shrimp in a sauce that made her declare, “This is absolutely the best shrimp appetizer I’ve ever had anywhere!”

Considering that she’s also a seasoned citizen who also gets Stay Healthy inducements from Medicare, that’s quite a compliment.

I ordered from the prix fixe Classic menu, which included my salad and dessert as well as a perfectly prepared medium rare petite filet topped with three large seasoned shrimp; she ordered two huge, crab-laden crab cakes, which were also perfectly prepared.

Both dishes were served sizzling on Ruth’s Chris’s famed 500-degree hot plates, so when your server tells you not to touch them, he’s not kidding.

Ruth's Chris Lump Crabcakes

Our entrees arrived along with a delightfully delicate Crab Fried Rice side dish (mine) made with sake. Both dishes were loaded with flavor, and my filet was so tender, I cut it with a butter knife. To say that it melted in my mouth like butter seems cliché, but that’s what it did.

My Crab Cake Queen did not talk much through her dinner but made quite an interesting array of satisfied sounds with each bite. And the crab cakes were so big, she had to take one home.

My dessert was a perfectly sized cheesecake with the words “Happy Birthday” emblazoned in chocolate, and she opted to go big with a Warm Apple Crumb Tart topped with vanilla ice cream.

Ruth's Chris Shrimp

As mentioned earlier, you don’t go to Ruth’s Chris Steak House for discounted food, so be prepared to spend a few bucks. But splurging occasionally makes life worth living, and it’s even better when Medicare helps you do it.

**Author’s note: You may think there’s a misspelling in the title, but you would be mistaken. “Perqs” is short for “perquisites.” You’re welcome.

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