The 8 Best Ethnic Restaurants in Wilmington NC

by May 10, 2016Restaurants & Bars, The Blog, Wilmington

Once upon a time it was hard to find good ethnic food in Wilmington, NC. Not anymore! Today Wilmington enjoys a great selection of dining establishments from all over the world.

If you love to sample flavors from Thailand, Japan, India, Italy, or beyond, you’re in luck. Wilmington, NC has a restaurant for you. Here are a few of our favorite ethnic restaurants:

The Bento Box

You’ll find items from from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Korea here, but the star of the show is the sushi.  Chef Lee Grossman and his team of chefs put on an amazing show at the sushi bar and the signature sushi rolls are something special.

Burrito Shak

Fast, fresh, fun—The Burrito Shak in Hampstead brings Mexico’s finest export to local tables. All kinds of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and bowls can be topped with fresh salsa, and everything’s made in-house. Great for kids, too!


The little yellow bungalow at the corner of Wrightsville and Eastwood Roads offers delicacies inspired by the Panamanian dishes owner Hunter Tiblier grew up eating. Chef Sam Cahoon relies on fresh fish, fruit, plantains, etc. to give Ceviche’s food its unique savor.

Ida Thai

Once Carolina Beach wasn’t known for Thai food, but Ida Thai has changed all that. The extensive authentic menu brings fresh flavor to the little green restaurant on the main drag. Now it’s as much a staple as Britt’s. Don’t miss it.

Nawab Fine Indian Cuisine

This newcomer on Market near Gordon Road has impressed ethnic food lovers with the quality of its Indian cuisine. Soups, breads, Tandoori specialties, goat entrees, and vegetarian options will provide something for everyone, and there’s a lunch buffet every day for sampling.

Sushi Gem

Find Korean Barbecue Ribs, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, General Tso’s Chicken, and Japanese Bento Box specials at Sushi Gem in Hampstead—a pan-Asian sampling. There’s a big bar with daily drink specials and a lot of special sushi rolls, too. Those sushi rolls are a bargain: buy one, get one of equal of lesser value free!

Tokyo 101

Tokyo 101 in Mayfaire is a popular spot for Japanese favorites. Enjoy lunch specials, noodle bowls, and bento and hibachi dinners. Special prices on entrees and cocktails are offered several times per week. There’s an outdoor seating area for enjoying this pleasant weather.


Specializing in authentic Thai cuisine, Umaii has everything from Pai Thai to all types of curries on its menu. An outdoor courtyard is a pleasant place to enjoy lunch or dinner. Great fresh sushi and seasonal dishes share the table with traditional Thai entrees in this Porters Neck hot spot.

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