Sixteen-year-old entrepreneur Holden Bierman, a part-time resident of Carolina Beach, runs a booming lifestyle apparel brand known as Coastal Cool.

While most 16-year-olds are merely focused on successfully passing their driver’s license test, Holden Bierman, 16, is laser-focused on the ongoing success of his very own go-to beach vacation apparel brand, Coastal Cool. Impressively, he started the brand at age 12.

“It was at the beginning of COVID, and school was out, and I was at home,” says Bierman. “I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, from setting up little stores in my bedroom to working on little yard sales and stuff. And then I learned the T-shirt and print-on-demand business.”

Bathing Suite Brand Coastal Cool

Based in Holly Springs, North Carolina, Bierman is a full-time sophomore at Fuquay Varina High School, where he serves on the student advisory board and runs all of the athletic web pages for the school. His family has a second home in Carolina Beach, and they have been visiting and living part-time in the Wilmington area for nearly 10 years.

Coastal Cool began as a line of original coastal beach T-shirts and hoodies in 2020 and evolved into a sustainable swimwear apparel collection for men and women.

The brand is known for its tropical, vibrant and modern, yet classic, patterns made for performance, comfort and style. The breathable, lightweight fabrics are polyester and spandex made from recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer recyclables.

Clothing Brand Coastal Cool

“Everybody goes into business for the money, right?” Bierman says. “But it’s also about making an impact and a positive change in the community that I think goes even further than any amount of money. Being able to do what I’ve done with the sustainable route, and having that impact while living in a coastal community, like Wilmington and Carolina Beach, especially at a young age, goes a long way.”

The concept was born in Bierman’s bedroom, with a $500 loan from his parents to acquire the LLC compliance, which was paid back a long time ago.

Today, Coastal Cool is profitable, continuing to grow through a strong social platform, with more than 100,000 Instagram followers worldwide.

Coastal Cool Bathing Suite

Bierman says he still controls the company from his MacBook in his bedroom, marketing through social media content influencers, a strategy that doesn’t cost a thing. Coastal Cool has a fulfillment center in Charlotte, where they print, package and handle all orders and deliver products to customers worldwide. Sales are anchored in the online store, but Coastal Cool also has a few wholesale accounts in Florida and made a recent appearance at the Wilmington Boat Show, with plans to expand.

What else is in Bierman’s future after he graduates from high school?

Coastal Cool Carolina Beach Brand

“I’m looking at probably going to University of North Carolina Wilmington and I definitely want to move to Wilmington,” he says. “And I just keep growing the business, keep growing the impact, maybe get some team members on board and share the mission of creating this go-to beach lifestyle brand. That’s been the vision from the beginning.”

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