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Keeping fit and fantastic in southeastern North Carolina should be relatively easy since so many activities are available. However, most of these activities have consequences that need to be addressed since most take place outdoors under strong sunlight or on and in the water. Swimming, golfing, gardening, fishing, boating, surfing and sightseeing are just a few of the pursuits that many of us enjoy. Unfortunately, all of them create the need for special care for our hair, skin and body.

There is a solution close at hand – after a good workout and time spent outdoors, you’ll especially enjoy a soothing massage, facial, or spa treatment. You’ll be wise to give your body, mind and spirit the care they deserve.

We’re lucky that we have wonderful facilities that are uniquely suited to take care of our needs. And in an area with a host of weddings, pageants, proms, parades, festivals, balls and graduation parties, in addition to outdoor activities, women have excellent excuses for frequent salon visits.


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