Where Can I Satisfy My Sweet Tooth in Wilmington?

by Jun 9, 2017Restaurants & Bars, The Blog, Wilmington

Whether you’re out shopping, relaxing at home or your hotel, just taking a stroll in one of Wilmington’s hot spots, and suddenly you know: you need something sweet to keep you going! Just a little something will sweeten the whole day.

You’re in luck! Wilmington has an excellent spot to grab a sweet snack.

Here is our favorite Wilmington “sweet spot” guaranteed to cure your sweet tooth.


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An ice cream cone from Kilwin’s and a stroll on the Riverwalk is a Wilmington institution. Creamy premium ice cream in house-made waffle cones are a great treat on a hot day (although we have been known to sample them in winter, too).

When you need a fudge fix, Kilwin’s is the place to go! Wilmington visitors can take home some of Kilwin’s Mackinac Island fudge, made on marble slabs right in the Market Street shop. Fudge of all types, featuring white, milk and dark chocolate, is available either alone or with such popular additions as pecans, peanut butter, walnuts and almonds.
Popcorns, brittles, and the best caramel apple around are favorites too. Kilwin’s also has a huge selection of candies and truffles made with milk, white, and dark chocolate.

If you’re walking in downtown Wilmington and you are within 100 feet of Kilwin’s you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the waffle cone aroma that flows down the street. Few people can resist, and who wants to anyway? The delicious cones and ice cream are sure to satisfy that sweet craving.

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