Seaview Crab Company

by Aug 28, 2018Greater Cape Fear, Shopping

Being on the bountiful coast of North Carolina, it is natural to crave seafood! If you are looking to purchase the freshest catch to cook any way you want, head to any one of the four Seaview Crab Company markets in Wilmington. With 10 years of experience as commercial fishermen, fishmongers, fish cutters, dock hands and everything in between, they know seafood.

Any time you walk into Seaview Crab Company, there is no doubt that the offerings of items, such as oysters, shrimp and triggerfish, will be fresh and delicious. The seafood is locally sourced from areas such as the Pamlico Sound, Cape Fear River, Topsail area, Masonboro Sound, Atlantic Ocean and the fishing villages of Wanchese and Core Sound and occasionally supplemented from other regions. By supporting Seaview Crab Company, you are supporting local fishermen and sustainable fishing.

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