Seaview Crab Company: Ensuring Enough for Everyone

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Ensuring Enough for Everyone

Seaview Crab Company is committed to selling seafood caught by sustainable seafood practices.

Why is Seaview Crab Company one of the most successful fresh seafood markets in the area? It all comes down to one simple principle: connecting people to local seafood. Considering that we live on the coast, you’d think that would be easy to do.

The nutrient-rich North Carolina waters are home to a diverse selection of species that span all four seasons. Yet even with the local variety, less expensive imported products, fishing regulations and environmental factors have all played a part in limiting the local fishermen’s ability to prosper.

The number of species off the North Carolina coast has steadily declined over the years, and that’s why regulations and policies have been put in place to help increase the economic outlook for the industry. North Carolina’s fishing and seafood industries have a robust management system, and though those policies can be politically charged at times, they are an important apparatus to ensure that the state is making the right decisions to protect the harvest, fisheries and fishermen while working with scientists and other stakeholders.

Seaview Crab Company is directly involved with those committees, comprised of stakeholders like commercial and recreational fishermen, commercial and recreational industries and scientists. Joe Romano personally serves on the Blue Crab Fisheries Management Plan and the Flounder Fisheries Management Plan. His brother Sam serves on the industry’s most important decision-making body, the Marine Fisheries Commission, whose mission is dedicated to ensuring sustainable marine and estuarine fisheries and habitats for the benefit and health of the people of North Carolina.

A major purpose of the management systems is to make sure that any seafood product that comes from North Carolina is sustainably caught. The folks at Seaview Crab Company are very optimistic about the state of sustainable seafood and fishing in this country because there are processes in place to ensure that we’re doing the right thing. Other parts of the world that don’t have management plans don’t have that same assurance.

Traditionally, North Carolina was a bulk-harvesting state, where people looked at seafood almost like a crop. Now, as rules have changed and it gets more difficult for fisherman to make a living off this coast, a commercial fisherman’s entire trip to sea needs to be utilized on the counter in order for him or her to make a paycheck. That’s why Seaview doesn’t just offer commodities (traditional species). They also offer what the entire sea can legally provide to consumers. They’ll take risks on products that other seafood markets may not want to deal with because they think they won’t make money on them. But Seaview Crab Company considers itself a market for everybody. They never know what type of customer is going to walk through the door and would be excited to get a little something different — say an octopus that was just caught in one of their crab pots.

Seaview makes it a point to introduce as many people to the underutilized species as they can. This helps the fishermen and it helps consumers enjoy new and exciting seafood options.

Seaview Crab Company

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