3rd Progress Update: Building A Custom Home With Herrington Homes

by Feb 18, 2017Greater Cape Fear, Relocate, The Blog

We’ve been following the building process for Jack and Judy Bennett’s new home in the Sea Grove Community in Carolina Beach, NC. Herrington Homes is the builder and has been giving us an exclusive inside look into their custom home building process.

In part 1 we spoke with the Bennetts who told us a bit about why they were building the home, what lead them to choose Herrington Homes to be their custom home builder and how the experience has been. The lot was cleared in October 2016. The photos in part 1 are from November 2016.

In part 2 we check in with the progress Herrington Homes made in the month of December. What looked like the frame of a home in November quickly started looking more like a real house. All of the windows went in. Staggered cement board siding started going up on the second story dormer windows. TYPAR home wrap was installed on the exterior of the home for weather protection.

Today in part 3 we take a look about a month later, at the beginning of January 2017. Herrington Homes has done a great job of staying on schedule. When these pictures were taken the home is six weeks from completion. The most crucial signal that the project is entering the home stretch is that the installation of the kitchen cabinets is complete.

Updates include:

  • Finished the porch
  • Added the exterior roofing
  • Added shingle siding
  • Added exterior paint
  • Completed interior dry wall and floorboards
  • Installed fireplace installed
  • Bathroom fixtures and tile installed
  • Kitchen counters and cabinets installed


Join us for part 4 (coming soon) where we’ll take a look at the finished home. The Bennetts also will tell us how they feel about their new home.

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