Find New River Pottery, a huge store with an inventory of most everything under the sun. It is located on Market Street close to Eastwood Road and MLK Parkway, making it convenient to both downtown, midtown and Wrightsville Beach.

Glassware, china, gift wrap, vast numbers and types of candles, garden ornaments, pots, yards and yards of ribbon, artificial flowers in silk and other materials, live plants during the growing season, lamps, furnishings and linens are just a few of the items in stock.

Few stores carry more seasonal merchandise than you will find here. Indoor or outdoor wicker furniture is available and the store carries a huge assortment of cushions for tables, chairs and chaise lounges. As different holidays draw near, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you want to decorate for Easter, Thanksgiving and other holidays.

No one in the area carries more Christmas decorations than New River Pottery. Trees, a vast selection of ornaments, lights and other trimmings, nutcrackers, ribbons, wreaths, candles and most everything else you can imagine is available.

New River Pottery has a large assortment of accent pillows. An expensive way to freshen the look of a room is to change accent pillows on beds, sofas and chairs. New pillows add a bright touch of color to enliven the space.

New River Pottery offers a customer loyalty program. That’s rewarding, since there is no question that you will want to return again and again.

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