The Hatch Brothers released their new EP “Reach You” at Live at Ted’s in Wilmington on November 17 and 18.

The Hatch Brothers, a four-piece rock band based in Wilmington, debuted their new EP, Reach You, at a live album release show at the iconic Live at Ted’s venue in Downtown Wilmington on November 17 and 18. The shows provided an intimate night of music and stories with the band in a listening room experience with limited seating.

The EP features six original songs, including recently released singles “Running Back to Heaven,” “Grenadine” and “In My Head,” all recorded at Hourglass Studios in Wilmington. The album was released on all streaming platforms on November 17 and will be available in physical format on vinyl and CD.

The Hatch Brothers Wilmington NC

Sam Hatch, frontman and songwriter for The Hatch Brothers, says, “Reach You is dedicated to the memory of my dear best friend, Harper Turek, who left us just months before we were in the studio working on this record. This album punches you very hard, packing six incredibly strong, memorable tracks.”

The album explores the themes of heaven and hell, life and death, and heartbreak and commitment.

“I am proud of every song,” Hatch says. “There is not a wasted second of fluff or filler. Each track spans a variety of genres, including rock, gospel, reggae, psychedelic, jazz swing, ballad and even classical.”

The Hatch Brothers’ music is a culmination of every facet of rock. Fans of KALEO, Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys will resonate with the record’s overall sound: warm distortion, silky vocals, rich harmonies, classic rock solos and punchy, locked-in grooves.

Brothers Samuel and Paul Hatch are Bolivia natives. Samuel Hatch is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the band, and Paul Hatch is the bassist and back-up vocalist. The addition of Phil Milligan in 2018 as the drummer and Joe Sprunt as lead guitarist in 2021 finalized the quartet, solidifying their sound and shaping their identity as a band.

For more information, visit the website at or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube at The Hatch Brothers Official.

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