Mini Splits for Maximum Comfort

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Salt Air, Inc. offers ducted and ductless mini split systems that make a cost-effective solution to comfort.

There are many innovative HVAC choices when it comes to making today’s homes cool and comfortable. One example is the ductless air conditioning system (often called a ductless mini split), which has come a long way from the unsightly wall-mounted air handlers of the past. Designed for areas that do not have enough venting and cannot be easily accessed to add more, ductless mini splits provide a great way to add air conditioning in parts of a home where ductwork isn’t an option.

Ductless mini splits can be used to solve a wide range of comfort problems in the home, from hot and cold spots to poorly ventilated areas. Common locations include sunrooms and FROGS, but these systems can also be used in places like workshops, garages, man caves and anywhere else in the home that needs a bit more airflow. According to Devin Skipper, owner of Salt Air, Inc., ductless mini splits are ideal for both homeowners who are in need of spot cooling applications as well as those who want to use them throughout the entire house because of the increased efficiency and decreased noise levels they provide.

“In addition to being much quieter than conventional systems, mini splits can also provide increased zone control that was not previously an option,” Skipper says. “They offer up to eight zones on one system, which gives our clients much better control of different areas of the home.”

Ductless mini splits come in a wide range of options and color choices. Sleek-looking, wall-mounted mini splits can be either positioned high on a wall or on the ceiling in order to not interfere with a room’s decor. Floor-mounted mini splits are installed near the floor at the bottom of a wall, making these units ideal for rooms with low ceilings or high windows. Recessed ceiling cassettes are the most seamless and discreet option, since the bulk of these units are hidden above the ceiling.

For homeowners worried about aesthetics, certain ductless air handler models are now made to hold a painting or print inside the cover. This changeable artwork option on the front of these units creates the appearance that they are more than just an air conditioner.

Whole-home ducted mini split systems are very similar to conventional HVAC systems, with an air handler and ductwork, but operate much quieter than a traditional system.

Ducted options still utilize the same type of outdoor unit that a ductless split system would, making them much more efficient. As inverter-driven compressors, they are able to selectively change the motor speed according to home temperature demands.

“Because of that inverter compressor and variable speed outdoor motor, they operate at a much lower decimal rating that a conventional system,” Skipper says.

Whether it be ducted or ductless, the small size and notable flexibility of mini split systems make them a cost-effective solution to comfort.


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