Lumina Station shopping and dining destination

by Jul 10, 2016Shopping, Wilmington

Lumina Station shopping and dining destination is located on Eastwood Road just before you cross the Causeway Bridge leading to Wrightsville Beach. This beautiful oasis is the place to visit for a truly local kind of shopping experience. Inspired by the Wrightsville Beach dance pavilion that was once central to the East Coast social scene, Lumina Station is so true to its historical roots that it won Coastal Living magazine’s first-ever award for contextual design.

Beautiful landscaping, whimsical sculptures and storybook bridges complement the wooded campus, making strolling a very pleasant way to pass the time.

The shops at Lumina Station are as unique as the setting, with all shops owned and operated by local merchants. Here you’ll find a high-fashion women’s clothing store, a men’s emporium with superb clothing, several stores with out of the ordinary shoes and accessories, a superb home furnishings store and a wonderful gift shop among several others.

You’ll even find a fitness center at Lumina Station, perhaps a good thing since Lumina Station is home to one of Wilmington’s best restaurants.

Port Land Grille is a class act from cocktail to dessert. It is known nationally, too, recently receiving a Distinguished Restaurants of North America Award of Excellence.

Locals, visitors and the famous (Wilmington is home to a large movie studio) relish well-spaced tables and a warm, stylish ambiance. The restaurant’s long-standing reputation is thanks to outstanding service and the extraordinary dishes by chef/owner Shawn Wellersdick. He began offering farm-to-table fare years before it was cool. No trip to Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach should be complete without at least one meal at Port Land Grille.

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