Landfall Executive Suites and Eastwood Executive Suites

by Apr 7, 2016Business & Government, Real Estate, Wilmington

With so many companies being formed in Wilmington and the surrounding Cape Fear region, companies serving small and large businesses are expanding, too. The need for executive office space is being met by two companies, Landfall Executive Suites and Eastwood Executive Suites. The buildings are designed for customers with differing needs. Both are conveniently located near Landfall and Wrightsville Beach.

Landfall Executive Suites

This extremely well maintained and staffed facility at Landfall Executive Suites is providing the service that many growing businesses require. Clients will find beautifully appointed conference rooms and offices to always-present reception to mail, fax and secretarial services. This is the perfect place for financial planners, attorneys and business consultants.

Due to economies of scale, all of this is offered at a price far less than business owners would pay on their own. Numerous options for both long and short-term leases are available and the staff is happy to take you through the facility so that you can see what is offered.

Eastwood Executive Suites

Eastwood Executive Suites, located on Eastwood Avenue a short distance from Wrightsville Beach, has opened a facility for those who embrace the coastal lifestyle. Private, furnished offices come complete with telephone and internet services and the complex also has a full time receptionist and conference room.

Those who prefer to work in polo shirts, summer dresses and sandals will feel right at home here. The offices are more casual than those found at Landfall Executive Suites. Rental fees are modest.

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