Hampstead, NC, is a suburban community just north of Wilmington. Its special appeal is that it is a wonderful place for children. Hampstead has good schools, a beautiful park that was built and is supported by the Kiwanis Club, and  plenty of activities to keep kids occupied. It also has two businesses that residents are happy to support, Passion Nail and JRs Barber Shop.

There is a personal service provider who enjoys a great reputation here, not only because he is a talented barber but also because of his commitment to the community.

Melvin (June) London is always in demand as a skilled barber at JRs' Barber Shop in Hampstead, NC.

JRs’ Barber Shop

Business owner Melvin (June) London is an in-demand barber at JRs’ Barber Shop located on US Highway 17 in Hampstead, NC. JR’s offers very modestly priced haircuts for people of all ages.

They are experts in military cuts too, which is appreciated by the members of the U.S. Marine Corps who live in Hampstead. They also offer senior discounts for the many retirees who’ve relocated to Hampstead from colder Northern climes.

London, whose family has lived in Hampstead for many years, is a beloved volunteer in the area; parents are grateful for the many hours he spends coaching their children of all abilities. London has a knack for making each child feel special, whether that child is the star of the team or one who spends of the time warming the bench.

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