Island Book Shop in Carolina Beach provides a real service. Even in this age of cell phones, tablets, e-readers and laptop computers, nothing quite suits reading on the beach or by the pool as your own good old fashioned paper book. You can turn down the corners and write little notes in the margins or doodle on the cover if you want to. When sun shines directly onto your book, you’re not dealing with glare or struggling to see the print. And it’s just so much easier to skip ahead or go back a chapter or two.

You’ll find real book needs at the Island Book Shop in the heart of Carolina Beach’s central business district and only a few blocks from the Boardwalk. The shop has an eclectic mix of titles for readers of all ages. You can find both new and used books, some stationery and cards.

This is a good place to purchase a variety of publications about Pleasure Island and its history. A small selection of other media is available as well. Business services are available at Island Book Shop as well. In case you need to send a fax, make copies or connect to the Internet, you can do it here.

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