Humble Beginnings and a Bright Future at Seaview Crab Company

by Sep 12, 2019Sponsored Content, The Blog, Wilmington

Just a little more than a decade old, Seaview Crab Company proves it has staying power. Here’s everything you need to know about their history — and where they’re going.


Meet Joe Romano, Nathan King and Sam Romano, the young founders of Seaview Crab Company. Their venture into the seafood market began humbly in 2005 when Joe and Sam obtained a commercial fishing license. Joined by Nathan in 2006, the trio began selling fresh crabs at a roadside outlet. They taught themselves the business from bottom to top — from fishing to cutting fish and selling fish. 

With the success of their crab business and repeat customers, it was a natural evolution that two years after getting their roadside start, they purchased a retail location in Carolina Beach. Over the next few years, that flagship market was joined by the Marstellar Street Market in Wilmington and five open-air markets in Castle Hayne, Wilmington, Leland, Spout Springs and Sanford. 

Each location offers a variety of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and oysters.

The business has grown at a rapid pace. In less than eight years, Seaview went from 10 employees to more than 60 — both full-time and part-time, thanks to the recruiting and hiring efforts of General Manager Kyle Clossick, who first started working at Seaview when he was in high school.

They’ve also expanded their network of local fishermen in Southport, Oak Island, the Outer Banks, Sneads Ferry, Hampstead, and offshore boats in Brunswick County.

In addition, they partner with nearly 40 restaurants to provide fresh, sustainable seafood.

Because the seafood industry is dependent on multiple variables like the weather, seasons, regulations and, of course, customer demand, Seaview is always ready to work with new fishermen and fisheries to meet both wholesale and individual needs.  

Their staying power also has a lot to do with that singular but valuable on-the-job ingredient they learned when selling by the road: customer service. Seaview prides itself in knowing how to serve, not just sell. From the cleanliness of their counters and stores to their advice and friendly staff, they actively engage, listen and provide feedback for each customer, based on individual needs. Since the seafood world has a lot of moving parts, from harvest dates to where it was caught, they might not have all of the answers all of the times. But their business philosophy is simple: Transparency. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll tell you so. 

What does the business horizon look like for Seaview Crab Company? Their passion for seafood extends to eating it. They have a kitchen in the works at their Marstellar Street location, planned for next year. It will be a take-out concept to start so customers can enjoy their seafood cooked for them, fresh from the market. 

Continuing to hire good, dedicated people is also crucial to Seaview’s longevity. They’re an integral part of the communities where they sell and serve, and they’re always looking for elite community members who want to become part of the team.

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