Experience the magic of the Port City via a new picture book from the creator of WilmingtonMom.

Calling all bookworms! Walk through Wilmington via the pages of the newly debuting children’s book, Hello, Wilmington, penned by Wilmington resident and mother of two daughters Amanda Hofmann. One night while Hofmann was reading a bedtime story about another city to her daughters, Brooke and Lily, inspiration struck to create something similar for Wilmington.

Thanks to illustrations by local artist Chris Fowler and engaging language from Hofmann, the children’s book lets parents and their kiddos venture around favorite Port City landmarks — whether that’s a stroll down the historic riverwalk, a trip to Airlie Gardens or a venture along the shores of Wrightsville Beach. Hofmann took care to select staple sites that are not going to change and emphasized the natural beauties of Wilmington as well, such as Venus flytraps and the myriad coastal wildlife found in the area.

Hofmann Family Hello Wilmington

“I wanted to create a book that captures our coastal city — its nature, history and
Beauty,” Hofmann says. “What better way than through the eyes of our little ones? Hello, Wilmington is a tribute to the city that has shaped me and countless others.”

Before debuting Hello, Wilmington, Hofmann became well known as the mom behind the popular social media resource and online community WilmingtonMom. She has been cultivating a career of sharing the love of her city with fellow residents, visitors and anyone wishing to dig into the city’s charm. Through her virtual guide to life in Wilmington, Hofmann shares fun, family-friendly things to do around town and utilizes her background in event planning to host playdate meetups and monthly mom’s-night-out events.

Childrens Book Hello Wilmington

“I’ve met so many cool moms who have just moved here and some who have lived here their whole lives,” Hofmann says. “It [motherhood] is just a whole different world. I’m just along for the ride.”

The inspiration for WilmingtonMom began shortly after Hofmann had her first daughter during the pandemic. With she and her husband working from home, Hofmann craved time spent out of the house with her family.

“I quickly realized the days we left the house — to go walk The Loop or go to the park or the playground — my baby was happier and I was happier,” she explains. “It can be intimidating to go to a new place, especially if you have never been there. I just started exploring, and it is so fun to meet other people and show my daughters where we live. It’s such a beautiful place.”

Hello Wilmington Childrens Book

If you are ready to flip the pages of the hot-off-the-presses work, find the children’s book available for purchase on WilmingtonMom’s website or from Port City Book Club in November. It is perfect for kids ages 2 to 6 — and the kids at heart, of course!

“I’m hoping this book is a symbol of my love for the city and the people who live here,” Hofmann says. “And I’m hoping it inspires some kids to get out and explore where we live.”

Amanda Hofmann and Family

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Happy exploring!

Photography by Matt McGraw

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