Go see Booger while there’s still time!

by Nov 5, 2016Attractions & Entertainment, The Blog, Wilmington

Thanks to the continuing warm weather in the Wilmington NC area, there is still time to go see Booger before cold weather arrives. Booger and more than 100 of Booger’s besties live at Tregembo Animal Park the fun attraction for the whole family on Carolina Beach Road.

Oh, did we mention that Booger is a rescued Syrian brown bear? Thanks to the kind owners of Tregembo Animal Park, Booger was able to find a furever home.

One of the things children who visit the zoo especially enjoy is feeding some of the animals there. Due to strict feeding needs, only food purchased at the gift shop can be used for this purpose.

Tregembo Animal Park will be open for just one or two more weekends. Once the temperatures drop into the 30s at night, the zoo closes for the season. It usually reopens late in March.

Don’t miss the chance to see Booger and the more than 100 other animals that live there.

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