DAR Encourages Constitution Week: September 17th-23rd

by Sep 18, 2023The Blog, Wilmington

Wilmington Stamp Defiance Chapter commences Constitution Week with an event at the Burgwin-Wright House.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution urges Americans to reflect on the U.S. Constitution during this month’s annual observance, honoring this foundational document of national governance.

The DAR initiated this observance in 1955, when they petitioned the U.S. Congress to dedicate September 17–23 of each year to commemorate Constitution Week. Congress adopted the resolution, and on August 2, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed it into Public Law #915. The celebration’s objectives are threefold: to promote the study of the historical events leading to the Constitution’s framing in September 1787; to remind the public that the Constitution is the basis of America’s heritage and its way of life; and to emphasize U.S. citizens’ duty to safeguard, uphold, and preserve the U.S. Constitution.

The Wilmington Stamp Defiance Chapter initiated Constitution Week with an event at the Burgwin-Wright House on Sunday, September 17th. Jeff Rivenbark of WWAY TV delivered the keynote speech, sharing his insights on “The Constitution: Its Meaning for the Nation and journalists.” Shortly after the event, four downtown Wilmington churches began ringing their church bells to commemorate the Constitution’s signing 236 years ago.

DAR Burgwin Wright

“We are proud that DAR played a key role in making Constitution Week an official commemoration, and our members enthusiastically promote the celebration annually in communities nationwide by organizing community displays, sponsoring municipal proclamations, ringing bells, and organizing programs to raise awareness of the Constitution’s principles and significance,” stated DAR President General Pamela Rouse Wright. “We encourage all citizens to join us in celebrating this powerful document that is integral to American history and to contemplate the Constitution’s impact on the lives of American citizens, both past and present.”

DAR has been a leading advocate for raising awareness, promoting, and celebrating Constitution Week. This annual observance offers numerous opportunities for educational initiatives and community outreach, which are mission-critical areas for the National Society. By fostering understanding of, and gratitude for, the Constitution and the inherent rights it grants to all Americans, DAR contributes to preserving the memory of the men and women who secured our nation’s fundamental freedoms.

As one of the world’s largest patriotic women’s organizations, DAR boasts 190,000 members in around 3,000 chapters across the country and several foreign nations. DAR members actively support historic preservation, education, and patriotism through commemorative events, scholarships, educational initiatives, citizenship programs, service to veterans, meaningful community service, and more.

For additional information about DAR and its vital mission, please visit www.dar.org.

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