Cape Fear Spice Merchants

by Apr 8, 2016Shopping, Wilmington

Cape Fear Spice Merchants is a shop located in downtown Wilmington, NC, that is well worth a visit. The massive global spice and tea collection harks back to a time when tall ships unloaded spices and other goods downtown.

Wilmington’s colonial port was at the intersection of Market and Water Streets. Shipping and trade is part of how the road got its name. Hand-mixed spice blends range from the exotic Persian 7-Spice blend with cloves and green cardamom to piquant rubs for ribs and roasts.

Loose-leaf teas, more than 150 varieties in all, fill shelves as do an array of chilies, peppercorns of all types, and numerous sea salts from around the world and various sea salt blends. Consider the Lime Fresco Rimmer for your next margarita. Sip tea while perusing coffee, flavored sugars, gourmet foods, Mexican chocolates, cooking tools such as cutting boards and everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea.

Cape Fear Spice Merchants also has a tremendous assortment of peppers and chilies in stock. Everything from the Carolina Reaper, a pepper sure to impress the person who seeks out the peppers ranking at the top of the Scoville charts, to the slightly milder Trinidad Scorpion, to Ghost, Habanero and a fine selection of milder chilies are available and ready to be used in your next spicy dish.

Everything is sold by the ounce, which makes it much easier to buy spices in appropriate quantities.

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