Candles Etc has been pouring Earth friendly candles in Wilmington for 37 years and has developed a loyal following of locals and visitors alike. By providing customers the ideal combination of high quality and affordability, they are able to produce over 20,000 hand poured candles in their shop each year.

This charming candle shop has been at 25 Market Street in Historic Downtown Wilmington for the last 18 years. Home of the Old Wilmington Candle Company, Candles Etc. now carries an assortment of local bath products, gifts, and décor in addition to their selection of candles with over 60 signature fragrances. While it will be nearly impossible to leave without taking advantage of their ongoing “Buy 3, Save 10 percent candle sale, you’ll want to indulge in the local artwork featuring Wilmington landscapes, Rock of Light Candles by Roger Kerr, and locally made goat’s milk soap.

You can find the owner, Kerri Ramsey, in the shop most days hand pouring candles, fulfilling online and custom orders, or assisting guests out front. Her passion for her craft, customers, and the Wilmington community comes across the second you meet her. One of her favorite things to do is to educate guests on the benefits of soy vs paraffin candles for your health and pocketbook. It is surprising to many that once you factor in the longer burn time and enhanced fragrance of soy candles, it’s much more affordable to opt for a soy candle.

Why are candles from Candles Etc different from other candles?

  • All candles are made by hand on site and not mass produced in a factory
  • Poured with 100 percent soy wax versus paraffin wax found in other candles (made from petroleum oil)
  • All natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives
  • Eco-friendly
  • Longer burn than other candles
  • Cotton wicks vs lead wicks
  • Soot free
  • Fragrances are blends of natural essential oil
  • Fragrance stays consistent throughout the entire burn

The Classics

The most popular items at Candles Etc are their 12 oz. and 21 oz. jars, 4 oz. tins, mason jars, and fragrance cubes filled with a signature fragrance or a blend of your choice. If you want a fragrance that’s out of season, just ask! If you have a special tin, glass, or pottery you want filled with your favorite scent, they can do that too.

Weddings and Special Events by Candles Etc

Tin candles with custom labels

Custom labels are available for special events.

For brides and event planners looking for an elegant, memorable gift, Candles Etc provides the opportunity to customize candles with personalized labels, unique containers, and fragrances to keep the memory of your special occasion burning in the homes of your guests long after the event is over.

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