Wilmington Today’s Bistro Match-Up Contest Results and Winner

by Nov 11, 2016Restaurants & Bars, The Blog, Wilmington

Congratulations to our contest winner, Kathy DelBusso! She answered every question right (there were only 13 entries that got all six correct!) and she was chosen at random as the winner of a $50 gift certificate to Fork n Cork in Downtown Wilmington.

Take the Bistro Match-Up Contest yourself here or check your answers using the post below to see the full version of each photo.

Even though the contest is over, if you want to take a shot at matching these local outdoor patios with their name – you can still give it a shot here before comparing your answers to the results below.

Bistro 1:  Platypus & Gnome

platypus & gnome

Bistro 2: Fork N Cork

Fork n Cork patio

Bistro 3: Pembroke’s


Bistro 4: Front Street Brewery

 Bistro 5: Henry’s Restaurant

Henry's Restaurant n Wilmington NC Bistro Contest

Wilmington NC Bistro Match-Up Contest

Bistro 6: Port Land Grille

Port Land Grille

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