A New Breed of Storage

by Jul 19, 2023Brunswick County, Sponsored Content, The Blog

Powered Storage & Parking in Leland is the middle space between traditional storage and flexible workspace.

Powered Storage in Leland is like a new species in the storage and remote working industries. Opened in April 2023, the new business concept was devised by investment banker/owner Eric Davis, a native of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, who splits his time as a co-resident between the Wilmington area and Hong Kong.

“We were getting surrounded by traditional storage facilities, and we realized there was a gap where people would start out in storage, they’d get bigger, but there was not a middle step between traditional storage and flex space,” Davis says. “So we wanted to be a synergistic middle step between traditional storage and flex space and provide a really nice space and fill that gap in the ecosystem.”

Wilmington NC Powered Storage and Parking

The solution is Powered Storage, a lot laid out with 60 parking spaces – some with storage workshops, units reminiscent of shipping containers that are fully powered and climate-controlled with heating and cooling. They are also equipped with industrial shelving and plenty of electrical outlets that have 50 amp and 110-volt service. It is the perfect efficient space for tradesmen and contractors to store goods, tools and equipment and work for an hour before heading out to the jobsite for the day.

The addition of power also means tenants can plug in saws and power equipment, coffeemakers, refrigerators and more in the storage unit.

Powered Storage also features powered parking spaces designed for RV, boat and truck (food or industrial) owners who need power to keep goods at temperature, keep batteries charged or want to avoid mold or heat damage to their vehicle or vessel. Each space, varying from 27 to 68 feet long, is equipped with its own power pedestal with 20/30/50 NEMA outlets with 50 amps total capacity.

Powered Storage and Parking

Additional features at Powered Storage that make a difference include a dumping station, a water area, a vending, supplies and ice area, and 24-hour high security that you can monitor from their app. On the app, you can get alerts, easily enter the lot, and monitor the temperature and humidity of your storage workshop via a free sensor; power consumption; and overall site views.

The camera technology is from Sweden, the locking technology is from Austria, the mobile phone app is from Brazil, and the sensors are from the oil industry in Canada.

Tenants also have access to international customer service 24/7 because Davis, as well as co-owners Zoltan Kosa and Ernest Chance, are based locally and globally in different time zones and available any time of day.

Powered Storage and Parking Trailers

Designed in North Carolina and manufactured in Hong Kong, the custom storage workshop units also have a global connection.

In the wake of the Hong Kong democracy protest movement in 2019, Davis is dedicated to hiring those who were sentenced to jail for demanding democratic rights and now looking for work. He gives them freelance jobs in design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing plus a chance to rejoin society and the professional workforce.

See Your Future at Powered Storage and Parking

“We’ve tried to help the local community in Hong Kong,” Davis says. “A lot of these young people, like thousands of them, have no chance of ever having a traditional job, so we are trying to give them a first step back into society. Because they have good backgrounds, they are well educated and no one will hire them.”

Goals for Davis and Powered Storage are to add 24 more storage workshop containers in the Leland location and expand the company in locations worldwide.

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