5 Reasons to Buy Gifts From the Ivy Cottage

by May 25, 2018Shopping, The Blog, Wilmington

Gift giving is a special opportunity to choose something meaningful that your recipient can appreciate. The pressure to pick a unique gift can often cause anxiety! This is true as more electronics fill our home, and we look for gifts that represent something deeper. There are unique, beautiful, and one of a kind items at The Ivy Cottage. This is Wilmington’s premiere consignment shop home to thousands of antiques and vintage items from jewelry to furniture. Ivy Cottage gifts are beautifully displayed among the next, and the hunt for the perfect one becomes all the more magical when you shop at a place with so much character. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your next gift at The Ivy Cottage.

1. Their jewelry selection is one of a kind.

ivy cottage gifts jewelryFind a wide selection of vintage and modern jewelry in the newly expanded department. From pocket watches to diamonds, each piece is guaranteed to be one of a kind. Additionally, experts handle and care for all inventory, making items stand out among other vintage selections.

2. Ivy Cottage gifts have personality and stories behind them.

The Ivy Cottage partners with over 9,000 consigners. An abundance of items pass through the cottages, and each come from a family or person with a story. These used items display tons of character and class. You won’t find them anywhere else, making whatever you select a truly unique gift with personality.

3. You can find something you never knew existed.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to pick out the perfect gift. In a world of online shopping and having everything at our fingertips, there are just too many options! So, skip the unoriginality and find something unique that you never knew existed at The Ivy Cottage.

4. The Ivy Cottage gets new inventory in every month.

There is always something new to find at the three cottages. Inventory rotates every month, so you can always find something new on the shelves. Their step down pricing allow you to check back on items for lower prices based on the time they’ve been on the shelves. If you love something, buy it… because it could be gone tomorrow!

5. Buying Ivy Cottage gifts supports a local business!

Owner Drew Keller has a passion for antiquing. He loves sharing the stories behind each item with the community. Also, by supporting the Ivy Cottage, you contribute to helping a local family, thousands of local consigners, local employees, and local antiques!

Finally, in your search for the perfect gift, consider visiting The Ivy Cottage for ideas, inspiration, and items you never knew existed. You will find an original gift, guaranteed! Experts at the cottages can help you choose and wrap your next gift. From beach decor, to shabby chic, to art and fine China, there is something for everyone at The Ivy Cottage.

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