Sea Turtles Nest Here

Something to bear in mind as you enjoy walking along the beach is that an endangered species has made its home here. As a result, the Wrightsville Beach Sea Turtle Project, a non-profit corporation, was formed to educate visitors and residents about the sea turtles that nest on the island.

Everyone can help. Before leaving the beach, fill any holes dug in the sand and remove all trash. Turn off outdoor lights and keep indoor lights from shining on the beach at night, since lights disturb nesting turtles and hatchlings. Don’t use flashlights or flash photography at night on the beach. Call 910-612-3047 to report sea turtle activity, injuries or strandings. If all residents and visitors help, the sea turtles will continue to make Wrightsville Beach their home.

Fishing Pier

Those interested in fishing will found a wonderful spot on Wrightsville Beach. Johnnie Mercer pier is a concrete, hurricane resitant structure that was built after earlier piers were destroyed by storms. The pier today welcomes anglers fishing for the many types of fish found in our coastal waters.