North Carolina’s Largest Riverboat

Cruise back into the pages of yesteryear and see points of interest along the Cape Fear River on the Captain J.N. Maffitt, a vintage World War II Navy Launch, or the Henrietta III, North Carolina’s largest riverboat.

Feeling romantic or just plain love the beauty of the open sea and the river? We’re ready for you. Sailing cruises for just a few hours or even overnight are available; sunrise and sunset cruises on sail or power boats offer beautiful vistas on both the river and the ocean; if you feel like partying on the water, large three-deck boats offer nighttime dinner and dancing cruises complete with bars and music.

Have your own boat? Well, come on down – or up, as the case may be. The Wilmington area has facilities for everything from a rowboat to large yachts. There are more than two dozen marinas in the greater Wilmington area now, and more are being added all the time. Boat dealers with service facilities abound, so if you want to get your old tub fixed or serviced, or you just want to buy a new one, they’re ready to satisfy your every nautical need.