Maritime Museum

The North Carolina Maritime Museum, housing an extensive display of memorabilia from the nautical history of Southport, the Lower Cape Fear and southeastern North Carolina, is located on North Howe Street.

A number of fascinating items are housed in the Museum. For example, you can read Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet’s plea for clemency before they hanged him, and you won’t find one of those just anywhere you go.

Unfortunately, the Museum may need to find a new home. However, the residents of Southport are working hard to find a suitable location for this important collection.

Fort Fisher, Bald Head Ferries

On the far east side of town, the dock for the Southport to Fort Fisher Ferry can be found, and on the other side of town, the dock for the ferry to Bald Head Island is located near the Indigo Plantation upscale development.

North of Southport is Progress Energy’s Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant. The plant can’t be toured, but exhibits in the Visitors Center are informative.